Kickstarting Creativity in your Final Semester

I’ve just started my final semester of university. This is it. Everything I’ve been working for over the last three years all comes down to these few months. Not only the heaviest grade weighting but packing a hefty mental strain, the final semester project is the one.

Superb redesign will save lives

As designers we’re frequently reliant on communication through an informally agreed symbolism: green is a healthy color; slab-serifs are masculine. Except that when dealing with global audiences the message can be skewed, leaving organizations to run parallel branding; throughout the world the red cross is known for supplying medical aid in warzones, except where the red crescent has to be used instead.

The new rules of the responsive web

Responsive web design has become a near ubiquitous buzzword on the web. Try searching for #rwd on Twitter to find equal parts content and Twitter spam. This is a common phase in the maturing of a new idea. I remember when AJAX was all the rage; the term got driven into the ground. Now, few people talk about AJAX but libraries like jQuery are fully embraced in a developer’s workflow.