Iconic album covers recreated with Lego blocks

These adorable album covers are the miniature lego masterpieces of British graphic designer Aaron Savage. Each cover composition is meticulously reproduced using the tiny colored blocks then photographed as a lego parody. All the iconic classics are here – Blondie, Madonna, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Grace Jones, Nirvana, along with more contemporary artists like Lily Allen and Coldplay. My favorite has to be the David Bowie cover. Check out some of them below and test your own pop trivia knowledge. How many albums can you recognize?

Kickstarting Creativity in your Final Semester

I’ve just started my final semester of university. This is it. Everything I’ve been working for over the last three years all comes down to these few months. Not only the heaviest grade weighting but packing a hefty mental strain, the final semester project is the one.