SEO and Web Development: Pros and Cons of Sitemap.xml

When designing the architecture and navigational structure of a web site, a sitemap can be extremely helpful. A sitemap can keep the navigation links organized by category, predict how any dynamic links will function, and keep the framework under control. Web developers are not the only parties involved in the process who can benefit from a well-structured sitemap. Many search engines, including Googlebot, can crawl through an XML file that contains the sitemap data to crawl and index the site’s content.

Developing a Responsive Website: Secondary Page

We’re going to begin to wrap up our tutorial on creating a responsive website this week by creating a secondary services page to feature the necessary, and important, content of our site. Keeping a sites layout visually appealing is a crucial aspect of keeping a visitor on your site. Having a simple box filled with verbiage running from left to right is not very inviting, nor aesthetically pleasing. When displayed like that, the sheer amount of text could be enough to cause your visitor to quickly back up and off your site. That’s why we’re going to break our text up and display it a little more creatively on our larger format.

25+ Must-have Chrome extensions for web designers and developers

For many web designers and developers, Firefox is unsurpassable. For others, Firefox eats Chrome’s dust.For the past two years, since Google Chrome’s release, there’s been a raging debate on which browser is superior. Mozilla’s open source product has stood the test of time and Firefox has quickly become the second most used browser after Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

App design versus web design: what designers can teach each other

We often look at application design and website design as two different, if related, fields.The lines blur a bit with web apps (which are technically both apps and websites), but we still tend to try to compartmentalize them. Even designers who work on both kinds of designs often view them as separate things.But there are a lot of lessons that app designers and web designers can teach each other.