The secret power of bookmarklets

Bookmarklets are special links that users can add to their browser’s favorites.These special links include code (i.e. not just a target URL), and they trigger various kinds of useful functionality, allowing you to modify and extend any web page.Once you begin using and building your own, you will no longer see web pages as static elements that you have no control over.

HTML5 and CSS3: Wireframing in the final product

It’s a classic case of Photoshop versus website. Existing wireframing and prototyping tools are incapable of accurately reflecting the environment of the web. They produce static designs that can’t be seen through the variable known as the web browser. And when you build the final website, some elements won’t look exactly like their draft counterparts, and the client will notice those minor differences in fonts, positioning, etc.

A Collection of PSD to HTML Websites

Not every designer wants to (or knows how to) code. Sometimes all you want to do is design, and leave the coding to someone else. Or maybe you’ve just taken on more design work than you can handle, and don’t have time to code everything yourself. In either case, PSD to HTML services can be a great way to save time and energy, while still getting a hand-coded design.