How to find your niche

Are you trying to grow your freelance web development or design business? Do you want to spend more time designing websites and less time trying to figure out what the client really wants and needs?By finding the right web design niche, you can increase productivity and revenue and make your freelance business more profitable.

10 don’ts when designing for email

Email marketing is probably the oldest and the most successful form of marketing for the web. Broadly, email marketing involves sending specialized custom emails to generate leads, promote an offer, serve targeted advertisements or initiate deals. Email marketing increases your brand’s radius, allowing you, the marketer to build robust brand value around your product.

How to send clients some Christmas cheer

The first question to ask, is do you really need to send Christmas cards to your clients and business contacts, and if so why? The answer is ‘yes’, and for very good reasons. Leaving aside ‘the spreading good cheer’ aspect, sending holiday greetings is an easy way of showing that you remember, and appreciate, the people you do and have done business with. It generates goodwill for your business by showing that their business matters to you and in turn reminds them of your contribution, or potential contribution, not just in the past but in the future.