Interview Graphic Design & Motion Graphics Artist Henning M Lederer

Here we continue our interview series sharing the thoughts and opinion of Henning M Leder, a freelance designer from Germany he specialises in putting together some amazing motion graphics. Here we talk to Henning about his work, his style, his latest video ‘numb’ & his education.

Joshua O’Leary; Motion Design & Animation from JODesigns

JODesigns is a London based company (founded by Joshua O’Leary,) specialising in motion design, animation, video editing, visual FX and compositing.

Motion Graphics Competition from AOL and Behance

Previously AOL have worked with over 90 creatives; painters, illustrations, videographer, photographer, multi-media artists have worked to create the AOL Artists community. With this spirit AOL is on the hunt for the next top talent in motion graphics, whilst partnering with Behance.