An Introduction to Underscore.js – Part 2 Array-like collections

In part one we looked at a few of the useful array methods that Underscore provides for us. In this part of the tutorial we’re going to take a look at some of the syntactic sugar that Underscore gives us to work with array-like collection. An array-like collection is something similar to array in that it is a collection of things as opposed to a single value, but they lack some of the things that arrays possess, such as a length property.

What Can You Do With Paper.js?

There are many JavaScript frameworks that leverage HTML5.
Paper.js is one of these frameworks that uses Document Object Model (DOM) to structure objects in an easy-to-understand manner. It offers creative and neat ways of doing lots of stuff on a Web browser that supports the tag. It also offers a new and interesting approach to drawing vector graphics.

Comparing Print Friendly With the Hartija Framework

Visitors to a site will at some point want to print out the information they see on screen. By using print-specific CSS, content can be reformatted for print in a form that is readable on paper and doesn’t contain items such as advertising or menus. Print stylesheets can take time to set up successfully however, and tend to get neglected when project deadlines loom. This article examines two very different methods that aim to help with this process: Print Friendly and the Hartija Framework.