Illustrator and Designer Nicola Rowlands

Nicola Rowlands was originally born in Wales before living for 9 years in the USA, now based in South Manchester she has since graduated the University of Manchester setting up her own business for Graphic design and Art direction.

Russian Digital Artist Cyrill Clunev

Cyrill Clunev is a 24 years Old Russian digital artist. Of the many facets to his professional work

some of the most important ones are: He worked as an Art director in cloud9 creative studio and

Steck group. He got a enormous dosage of inspiration from Dead dreamer and decided to

choose this art field. He has been working for different studios as a graphic artist and even

motion designer for a few years, and very recently he became the proud founder and owner of

Goatelier design studio in Saint-Petersburg.

Giant stickers in kids bedroom

Giant wall sticker makers e-glue delivers illustration sticker pack for kids to life with a range of ultra modern

graphic designs featuring favorites such as underwater world, train, jungle, pirates, dinosaurs, savanna, robots

and many more. A compilation of its dynamic works is to be discovered in the continuation.