Integrating AJAX with PHP Part I

AJAX earned its share of stardom once industry giants like Google Maps, Zoho Writer and Y!Mail Beta started to actively implement AJAX into their services.Though many webmasters out there are already using AJAX yet there is that section which is still unaware of its advantages.This tutorial will help the latter part enjoy hands-on experience with AJAX and PHP. I won’t be using jargons yet I am assuming that you understand the basics of HTML, PHP and JavaScript.

15+Example Ajax Contact Form With PHP Tutorials

AJAX has changed the world of web development. Look at digg, facebook and gmail, thery are good examples to show the capability of AJAX. AJAX can create a highly responsive web interface and increase the user experience.

Typically, contact forms are an important part of every website. A contact form is very helpful in giving your visitors a way to contact you. These tutorials will help you on how to create your own ajax contact form with php. Here are 15 ajax contact forms covering everything that you would think of related to form styling with the powerful ajax.

How to Make the Best Use of Technology in Web Designing

Web design industry has gained immense popularity in past few decades. Since the Internet is now the best way to stay in touch with people throughout the world, having an online presence has become a necessity for every business person and also for a common man. When it comes to web designing, technology is inevitable. Infact, technology is the mere basis of web designing that has given birth to this phenomenon. From having simple technology to be able to make web designs, web designers now have a lot of latest technology and techniques to make a good website and that too with less hassle. Technology has been driving web designing web industry lately and will continue to do so because of the ever growing needs. The basic objective of technology is to make a web designer’s life convenient and easy; however, it is entirely up to designer himself how to use the technology in the best possible way.