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When building websites for your clients, you no longer need to fight with a range of different sources to produce and finalize content. With the online content coordination tool GatherContent, the content can smoothly flow from writer to client to Web. With various tools at your disposal, including a single place to house all content, it’s never been easier to work with your clients on content creation and coordination. And best of all, this simple-to-use tool is currently available for more than 50% off, thanks to this Mighty Deal!

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It’s frustrating being a web developer. See, it’s tough enough creating an amazingly awesome website, making sure everything looks and functions properly. But once you’re done with that, then comes the real annoying part. You need to test it on multiple browsers and devices. Not to mention different versions for each browser! Why, it’s a full-time job just making sure all your code is fully browser compatible! Anything to improve browser compatibility testing has to be worth its weight in gold! With BrowseEmAll, you can keep your gold nuggets locked up. With 2 different licenses available, you can save over 50% on each! Standard License: Pay just $34 (regularly $69) Professional License: Pay just $57 (regularly $119)

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Building a website doesn’t need to be difficult. Even if you have zero design or programming skills, there are plenty of HTML templates and content management systems to get you started. But it can be a bit overwhelming at times, not to mention expensive if you want to do even a touch of customization.
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Check out what your competition’s doing. If you find something you like, copy it. If only it were that easy to look beneath the hood. Well, it is. Thanks to SpyBar, you can pull in tons of useful data about any site, and you can do it all right from your Firefox or Chrome browser!
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