The Mac Snap Bundle: 4 Powerful Photo Apps – only $25!

Sometimes you just need a quick and simple photo editor to clean up your photos. Whether you need some mild editing, digital borders, objects removed, colors enhanced or areas brought into focus, this Mighty Deal has it all covered. This Snap Pack Bundle includes 4 incredible Mac photo apps, for one low price: Snapheal, FX Photo Studio, Focus 2 and ColorStrokes. They’re all incredibly easy to use and feature some truly robust editing tools.

Create Picture-Perfect Portraits With Beautune – only $14!

With the Beautune app (for both Windows and Mac) from EverImaging, you might as well be giving all of your photo subjects a full-on makeover. Incredibly simple to use, Beautune can take your portrait photos and magically transform them. With just the touch of a button you can create professional-looking photos thanks to all sorts of useful tools: smoothen skin, remove blemishes, reshape features, whiten teeth, change eye colors, you name it. It’s like having an entire makeover studio inside your computer. And if you act now, you can save over 50% off the regular price! Talk about beautiful!

Batch Photo Processing and Watermarking Windows App – only $15

With the Mass Watermark Windows application you can create incredible custom watermarks and easily apply them to entire collections of photos in the blink of an eye! You can also easily edit, optimize and share all of your processed photos, all from the same program. What’s more, you won’t just save yourself a ton of time, you’ll end up saving 50% off the regular price as well! This incredible watermarking application normally sells for just $30. But for a limited time only, you can get the powerful, time-saving Mass Watermark for only $15! That’s a huge 50% savings off the regular price!