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With the popularity surge of apps like Instagram and websites like Pinterest, high-quality, professional-type photos are all the rage. Especially when you can add all sorts of fun filters and effects to your images. But if you’re not a top-notch photographer, how can you easily come up with them?
Simple. You get your hands on a ridiculously powerful yet easy-to-use application like Photo Effect Studio Pro. Created by Everimaging, this photo effects tool for Mac or Windows, boasts nearly 100 breathtaking effects and filters, as well as more than 30 unique frames. With a simple interface, you’ll be navigating through various textures and color schemes in the blink of an eye. For a limited time only, you can truly set your inner artist free by snagging this product for more than 50% off the regular price!

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Photoshop’s a fantastic tool isn’t it? But when dealing with dozens or even hundreds of photos a day (possibly more), it can really eat up your time. Saving out photos to use on the web can cost you precious seconds or minutes. Thankfully, there’s a wonderful plugin that can save you some serious time on your exporting. Enigma64 is a simple-to-use, powerful resource to shave off up to a full minute from every photo you export out of Photoshop. Add that up over a day, week, month or even year and the time saved is staggering! Engima64 normaly sells for $29.99 but for a limited time only, you can get this incredible Photoshop plugin for just $12! That’s a savings of 60% off the regular price!

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Photos are a ton of fun. Especially when you can play around and edit them on your computer. With some of today’s amazing programs, you can really do wonders to an otherwise ordinary image. This Mighty Deal from Photographypla features a large assortment of incredible Photo Overlays to turn your pictures into masterpieces.
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