260 Pleasantly Plump Icons – only $7!

Everyone in the world seems to be weight conscious these days. Yes, thin is in. And while it can lead to a healthier body, it doesn’t necessarily lead to a healthier website! If you’re using icons, try adding Denise Chandler’s Pleasantly Plump Icons to your site. They’re a bit more portly than your average icons, but that just gives them more character! And while their size may be larger, their price is certainly smaller, thanks to this Mighty Deal!
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Iconic Deal: 1,000+ Gorgeous Icons & Free updates for 3 years – only $47!

When it comes to icons, you can never have enough. At least that’s what we used to think until we put together this Mighty Deal with WebiconSet. Known for their incredible high quality work with tons of detail in such small graphics, you generally think of quality, not quantity with these guys. But now you get both. That’s right, you’ll get over 1,000 gorgeous icons for one ridiculously low price!
A mammoth growing collection like this, with 3 years of updates, normally sells for $99 from WebiconSet, but for a limited time only, you can get over 1,000 icons, PLUS free updates for the next 3 years all for a mere $47! That’s more than 50% off the regular price!

The Ultimate Mac Icons Organizer & Finder – only $7!

If you use a Mac, you’ve got to just love iPhoto. It’s so simple to use and easily organize all of your photos. Sleek, simple and pretty powerful, right? Well if you love iPhoto, then you’ll really love IconBox2 for Mac.
This latest version of the popular application is the ultimate tool for finding, downloading and organizing all of your icons. Using an iPhoto-like style, IconBox2 will open up a whole new world of icons to your designs. And thanks to Mighty Deals, you can save over 50% on this fantastic find!
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Symbolicons: 1,000+ Professional, High-Quality Icons – only $35!

Icons truly make the world go round. The world wide web, that is. While the basic idea of the icon hasn’t changed over the years, the amount of icons in use certainly has. Every website, and especially mobile apps, take full advantage of the icon graphic to get across a feature or function without the use of anything but a small graphic.
With this bundle of icon bundles from Symbolicons, you’ll get yourself enough icons to keep you creating new apps and websites for decades!
This collection of icon sets normally sells for $65, but for a limited time only, you can get all 1000+ icons for just $35! That’s a savings of 46% off the regular price!