Cartonika: Vector Cartoon Characters – only $37!

The best websites out there are the ones with character. Or characters for that matter. Adding a mascot or even just some cartoon human character can give a little life to your site. But if you’re not an artist, what’s a website owner or designer to do?
Well, you could take advantage of this cartoontastic Mighty Deal and get more than 500 cartoon character illustrations for use on your website. These high-quality graphics come from the super folks at Cartonika!
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The Ultimate Sales-Conversion Graphics Bundle – only $14!

With the Ninja Graphics Kit, you’ll get all of the essential conversion-boosting graphics you’ll ever need. We’re talking one massive, ginormous bundle of high-quality, professional graphics that cater towards increasing sales on your site. And thanks to this Mighty Deal, you can convert a 60% savings for yourself!This massive collection of conversion-exploding graphics currently sells for $39, but for a limited time only, you can get it all for a mere $14!

VideoJac: Sales and Marketing Video Templates – over 90% off!

Videos are a fantastic way to promote your product or website. Unfortunately they can be quite expensive or super time consuming if you decide to make them yourself.What you need is an easy and affordable way to create limitless marketing videos.
Enter VideoJac, your one-stop shop for creating top-notch marketing videos for yourself, or to resell. You don’t need to be a videographer at all, thanks to the easy-to-use interface, numerous templates, and simple Online Video Editor. Even better, you can save a fortune right now on VideoJac thanks to your pals at Mighty Deals!
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3D printing with Foldify

Sometimes apps are just apps—but other times they’re cultural phenomena (think Angry Birds). And while the jury’s still out on what place in history the new app Foldify will assume, we may have something akin to the addictive Draw Something on our hands; only this time, the end product is something you can—quite literally—hold in your hands.