Difference between IF & FOR to make Fireworks in Flash.

You must have seen Fireworks in Flash on many blogs/sites, but today I’m going to tell you how to make Fireworks in Flash using If and then For loop. You will be noticing the difference between these two Loops. We will be using duplicateMovieClip and setProperty commands alongwith defining variables. So it will be very informative for you.

30 Exceptional Flash Based Websites: Best Of Flash

Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform used to add animations, videos to web pages. Flash is often used for advertisements and games with no limits. Some graphic and web designers feel that flash enhance their web experience, as others find the wide use of flash animation, particularly in advertising. Flash has also been criticized for unfavorably affecting the usability of web pages but still nobody can neglect the advantages of flash and it will remain as a useful tool for web animations. Below you’ll find a showcase of 30 Exceptional Flash Based Websites of the year 2011, be inspired; We strongly hope that you’ll love this amazing collection of flash websites, if you find this impressive so! Don’t forget to leave your comments…